Yogathon is transformed into YogaSeva and HASC is working to expand in-cultural awareness for health and peace of mind.

·         Wichita, KS:   Yoga workshops were offered to promote healthy lifestyle during the Yogathon campaign and as part of YogaSeva for Health and Education, in addition to, feeding the homeless at the Interfaith Ministries and “The Lord’s Diner.”  The Lord’s Diner is a program executed by the Catholic Charities in Wichita, Kansas.  Volunteers from the Indian Students Association, Asian Student Conference, American Hindu Students Associations, Cultural Association of India, and Bhakta Community Center have supported these efforts to serve communities in the last four months.  Furthermore, dialogue with Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Inter-faith Ministries, Global Faith in Action, Catholic Charities, and Hindu temples in Oklahoma City, Wichita and Kansas City have yielded into service partnerships that will benefit low-income students through after-school tutoring and mentoring programs, cooking lessons for healthy eating and to maintain a vegetarian diet, and assisting the homeless by providing blankets and clothing.

·         Passaic, NJ:  On Oct 2nd, 2010, HASC convened the YogaSeva program in Passaic, New Jersey at Passaic Public Library.  The program is supported by the City of Passaic and the Passaic Board of Education where nearly 13,000 children had been reached through outreach efforts by the Passaic Board of Education and the City of Passaic.  Generally, 20 – 50 residents participate in the yoga program every week.  So far, close to 250 residents of Passaic, New Jersey have benefited from yoga practice and nutritional counseling.  Nehal Shah, Nutritionist at North Hudson WIC Program in Hudson County has been providing nutritional counseling, which includes, understanding the food pyramid, food safety, oral health, options to healthy eating, and cost-effective ways of food shopping to the residents of Passaic, NJ.    

·         International Institute of New Jersey (IINJ):  HASC conducted a YogaSeva and nutrition seminar at International Institute of New Jersey with staff members.  The workshop covered yoga and meditation, healthy eating which included focusing on vegetarian diet, more fruits and vegetables and practicing a healthy lifestyle through exercise, which include:  running, swimming, yoga and Pilates and biking. IINJ is further exploring to offer yoga workshops at the Hanuman Temple in Jersey City to include staff and their clients.

·         Rutgers University-Newark:  HASC is partnering with Newark Yoga Movement (near the Rutgers-Newark campus) to engage Rutgers college students to teach yoga to children in Newark Public Schools.  Nine yoga sessions, from December 9th-December 22nd, 2010, are being offered to Rutgers-Newark students and staff through Newark Yoga Movement as part of relaxation and stress reduction during the final examination period.