Yogathon transformed into YogaSeva

Yogathon launched in August 2010 transformed into YogaSeva, an integral aspect of UtsavSeva
Yoga has become a universal language of spiritual exercise in the United States, crossing the many lines of religions and cultures. The Dharmic Hindu community actively supported and engaged communities in President Obama’s “Active Lifestyle Challenge” through Yogathon which focused on youth and adults, in a nationally coordinated open house, to bring health benefits to the communities. 

This event was held on Sunday, Aug. 29th, 2010.  The open house included an introduction of the
temples to the community; explanation of yoga and its connection with philosophy and tradition, with a workshop on yog-asanas for youth and adults.  Nationally, more than 150 temples, ashrams and centers participated in providing yoga service within their communities. The yoga workshops were coordinated through Patanjali Yoga Peeth and Art of Living Foundation

Yogathon transformed into YogaSeva in September 2010 and is an integral part of UtsavSeva

United We Serve - Let's Read, Let's Move events

1. August 29th - Nationwide YOGATHON

2. September 11th - Prayers in the temples, nationally, to observe
- National Day of Remembrance
Ganesh Chaturthi (Removal of Obstacles)
 - Mahatma Gandhi's
1906 launch of Satyagraha-non-violence movement
Swami Vivekananda's 1893 famous speech in Chicago
Ahimsa SarvadharmaSeva - 9/11 Days of Service and Remembrance:

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Ongoing YogaSeva and part of UtsavSeva
HASC is expanding the Yogathon campaign and as part of YogaSeva for Health and Education, is organizing yoga and nutrition workshops to promote healthy lifestyle. HASC is working to develop programs to feed the homeless on a regular schedule. Saumya Arya Haas, HASC social media adviser explains, "Holiday Giving: It’s not just for Christians anymore".  
Click here for examples of ongoing YogaSeva for Healthy Living and Peace of Mind