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How to of ShaktiSeva

ShaktiSeva by Ranjana Bhargava

Shakti Seva targets women to positive aspects of bringing energy within themselves, with others and with a determined approach to influence others,  it is based on the spiritual, philosophical aspect of celebration of self and others.  This brings wisdom, cohesiveness, and strength leading to joy of living for both.

The goals are three fold:

1. Listening and Inspiring each other. 

Women have made the longest strides towards independence, authority and opportunity.  Invited women guests talk about their power and relate to the presence of success in their lives.  Invited participants dialogue through discussion and thought sharing.  This will increase mentoring, coaching and social networking

Question answered-How meaningful is other women’s experience that leads to one’s phenomenal change and a spirit to do more with greater commitment?

2. The Meaning of Shakti and how it impacts self.

Creation of Shakti as part of the nine days of Navrathri to be a symbol of not just the invoked Godesses but also of symbolically bringing relational, attitudinal, and value enrichment within one self.  Forums, congregational or community gatherings bring the best of women participation and feminism.  Blogging, writing and dialoguing even with just snippets will bring a spirit of togetherness.

Question answered-What is your Shakti and how formally/informally or developmentally you have directed yourself towards Shakti?  How have you built your strength?

3. Here and now presence with contemporary issues.

Inspirational and thought provoking coordination of goodness of each woman with other women and acceptance of presence of equality and whole well being.  Power or Shakti is the ability to take one’s place in whatever discourse to extrapolate the essential and to bring righteousness in all aspects of life.

Question raised- How to deepen and broaden our behaviors of self appreciation and cultivation of appreciation and acceptance from others?

So the tools in indulging Shakti Seva nationwide is bringing Asian Indian (Hindu--)

Women to acknowledge, rejoice, bond and devote themselves to the grace of well being and not of silence or passive conformity.  It is to acquire knowledge and to participate in all aspects of strength building.  By telling stories and listening to others the totality of their work brings forth maturity and camaraderie.  It is for everyone to value the power that is from the heart.