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During December HASC is promoting SarvaDharmaSeva – Interfaith service – in which people of all faiths, believers and nonbelievers continue to foster respect and understanding.

And, in the spirit of people of Dharmic faiths (Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh) are encouraged to volunteer and work on the high holidays of other faiths to enable
the diverse religious community observe their the holy days, (Christmas, Chanukah, Muharram, Kwanza).

An inter-faith cooperation!

Student-led roundtables and interfaith dialogues on college and university campuses are demonstrating that SarvaDharmaSeva is not only a conceptual phrase, but it is a principle that can be implemented through service and increased understanding.  At Georgetown University and at Rutgers University, working groups are being formed to study how religion and faith based communities can affect peace and development, from both a theoretical standpoint as well as through experiential learning.  Based on the Vedic principle of Ahimsa Paramo Dharmah, HASC Young Scholars Program is undertaking efforts to deepen understanding of society and world affairs, for effective governance, delivery of and access to services, while serving local communities.


Homeless Outreach

Advancing Interfaith Service and Youth Development through Yoga

Refugee and immigrant support

Interfaith Dialogues
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