Meaning of UtsavSeva

January:     ShantiSeva Withdrawing from unethical and disturbing behavior and making a commitment to uphold universal values that promote harmony and mutual respect

February:     KalaSeva
Commitment to the welfare of all beings to integrate spiritual knowledge within (Saraswati), cultivate values, understand religious discipline. Act

March:         KalyanSeva Celebrating the equality of all human beings, regardless of religion, race, color, gender, socio-economic status, etc. Holi colors show equalizing with all. Worship of Shiva, the one in whom all resolve

April:         BhaktiSeva Living a life that contributes to the well-being of others. Victory of dharma (goodness) over adharma (unrighteous). Victory of good over evil.

May:         VidyaSeva
Promote Spiritual Knowledge/ Enlightenment and Ahimsa.  Honor Hindu men and women and of all faiths who serve in line of duty.   Participate in remembrance activities.

June:         AnnaDaanam Seva Food Security and Giving

July:         BhumiSeva
Serve the nation and mother earth

August:     MitraSeva Rakhi represents a bond of Protection, Service, Refuge

September YogaSeva

October     ShaktiSeva Invoke the feminine strength

November  DhanSeva Removal of ignorance with the light of knowledge and triumph of goodness over evil. Triumph of dharma over adharma.  Emphasis on the importance of giving. Sharing of resources—wealth, knowledge, skills.

December SarvaDharmaSeva Interfaith service – in which the Dharmic people (Hindus, Buddhist, Jains and Sikhs and other eastern faiths) continue to foster respect and understanding.



- In September, Krishna Jayanti Festival, honors the great Yogi.  Many Hindu places of worship already teach and some are expanding. They are also providing in-culture perspective on Yoga.

ShaktiSeva - In October, Navaratri is a celebrated.  It honors the many aspects of Devi; symbolically of women’s strength and of value enrichment within one self.  HASC is initiating ShaktiSeva to highlight and bring this to the forefront during the celebrations, through dialogues, telling and sharing stories, helping women’s organizations.  “Listen, Learn and Inspire” each other.

- In Diwali, removal of ignorance with the light of knowledge and triumph of goodness over evil is celebrated.  DhanSeva – resources empowerment (serve as resources of wealth of knowledge, goodness and economic empowerment) to do seva projects to promote education, economic help, awareness of the festival, job fairs, canned/boxed food to replenish local food banks for Thanksgiving, etc. within and outside our community.

SarvaDharmaSeva -   During December HASC suggests SarvaDharmaSeva – Interfaith service – in which people of all faiths, believers and non-believers continue to foster respect and understanding.  And, in the spirit of inter-faith cooperation: work on the holy days, (Christmas, Chanukah, Muharram, Kwanza) of other faiths.

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