The strength of the Dharmic culture is the multitude ways in which the Puranas, (ancient traditional stories and epics) are brought to life through festivals.  These festivals play an important role in expressing the spiritual significance in a celebratory, joyous ways while bringing people together. In these times of need, we need to serve and share our resources and collectively develop our diverse communities. Hindu American Seva Communities has developed a unique program, UtsavSeva which invokes the spiritual values of the festivals with Community Service throughout the year! HASC has identified many ways in which to serve.  Meaning of UtsavSeva Click on the presentations below to understand the inner meaning of seva, Hindu social justice...
   ShantiSeva (January)
    KalaSeva (February)
   KalyanSeva (March)

   BhaktiSeva (April)

    YogaSeva (September)

Shakti Seva (October)
   Dhan Seva (November)
 Sarva Dharma Seva (December)

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President's Interfaith campus challenge Message

UtsavSeva Letters of Support

Meaning of UtsavSeva

How to of UtsavSeva

Diwali from Jain Perspective