Immigration & Civil Rights

  • HASC Supports Call for Equal Pay and Minimum Wage, Urges Action on Immigration 


WASHINGTON D.C.  (January 29, 2014) – Hindu American Seva Communities lauds President Obama’s promise to address income parity for women’s wages, as well as to issue an executive order to raise the minimum wage for federally contracted employees to $10.10 in his State of the Union address last night. We urge business leaders to heed and support these reforms. President Obama said, “Women deserve equal pay for equal work” to a loud cheer and applause. Disparities in pay affect our families. HASC urges Congress and the states to follow the President’s lead and bring income parity to women and increase the minimum wage to a level that can support individuals and their families.


The President left no doubt that “Climate change is a fact…. And even as we've increased energy production, we've partnered with businesses, builders and local communities to reduce the energy we consume.”  In our efforts, as a community partner for social and environmental justice, we are reminded of the Vedic Hindu principle “The Almighty is Omnipresent everywhere in the universe, including planet earth (in the oceans, rivers, forests, mountains, air, water, atmosphere, and space).  Take only what you need from the bounties of planet earth; sacrifice greed so every one's needs are also met; do not plunder, do not hoard. Whose property is it after all? It all belongs to God.” Ishopanishad 1.1


HASC is also honored to have been a strategic partner in promoting yoga, an integral aspect of Dharmic Hindu tradition, throughout the nation.  We commend the First Lady’s “Let's Move! partnership with schools, businesses, 

local leaders has helped bring down childhood obesity rates for the first time in thirty years”. We believe Yoga  is playing an increasingly important role in helping meet such goals.

However, HASC urges the President and Congress to urgently address our broken immigration system.  This is an issue that impacts the Dharmic community significantly. “Keeping families together and welcoming hardworking individuals serve our national interests and help build a stronger America. We hope Congress will heed to this call and act as soon as possible,” said Anju Bhargava, HASC Founder.



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