Seva Center in Wichita,KS

Wichita Seva Center

Financial seminars
Women’s empowerment
Interfaith dialogues
Homeless feeding
Hindu American Seva Charities works closely with partners and stake holders to address the various gaps to build a healthier community by eradicating poverty
The city has  a population of nearly 350,000 people  out of which 75.2% are whites, 11.42% are blacks, 8.42% are Hispanics, 3.96 % are Asians and 1 % of the others-
An awareness was created in the mainstream community to lead a healthy lifestyle, with the “Let’s Move “ initiative.
This was accomplished by:
  1. Introducing   Yoga which will have an impact on the body ,mind and senses.
  2. Serving vegetarian meals at the homeless shelters and  emphasize the importance of healthy  nutritional choices.
  3. Empowering the women in the community through  an interfaith seminar, where women of different faiths  and
    races shared their stories of success to motivate and inspire the less fortunate.
  4. Holding health fairs  for the under privileged .
  5. Holding financial seminars in public library to educate the community on having a good control over their finances
  6. Attending interfaith dinner dialogues with other non-profit organizations to brainstorm innovative ways to eradicate poverty and build healthy communities.
  7. Mobilizing volunteer groups to lend a hand during  disasters like floods and tornadoes.
  8. Fund raising for such natural disasters and calamities.
Hindu American Seva Charities  joined hands with other non-profit organizations like Patanjali Yog Peeth, The art of living Foundation,Global faith in Action  ( Interfaith Ministries (, Mahila Mandal of the Bhakta Samaj, Pov –Solve (, Association of American Physicians of Indian Origin, to  -develop the seva projects
Teachers from the Art of Living Foundation partnered with HASC and gave a jump start to “Yogathon”, having three sessions in one day . The beneficiaries were from the low income community of Wichita including students. Patanjali Yogpeeth teachers  have helped us to conduct regular Yoga classes at the Hindu Temple.
Ladies from the Mahila Mandal of the Bhakta Cmmunity have formed groups to regularly feed the homeless in the overflow shelter and the inns in Wichita. HASC partnered with Global Faith in Action to educate the community on the Golden Rule in the form of a retreat to create more education on proper behavior and have a change in the cognition. Amazing faiths dinner between people of many faiths was organized to brainstorm ideas to build an interfaith healthy community. HASC ‘s partnership with PovSolve Inc., impacted a desire to do community service among high school and college students. Fundraisers were organized to improve the lifestyle of people in the community.
The intended outcome of all projects in the city of Wichita that HASC has put in has benefited nearly 450 people with 8 volunteer leaders and 1000 volunteering hours.
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