City of Passaic, NJ
Project Description and Impact
Health and Health Education
Hindu American Seva Charities (HASC) works closely with partners and stakeholders to address health related gaps in the City of Passaic. To that end, HASC in collaboration with the City of Passaic and the partners and stakeholders, provides health and health education services in the form of:
  1. Health screenings to address health disparities
  2. Reproductive and maternal health workshops for women and girls
  3. Public hygiene and sanitation
  4. Implement the Yoga for Health and Peace program on a sustainable basis.
HASC hopes to convene the medical and health screening project at various intervals from January-March of 2011.
HASC seeks to bring together community and academic partners and stakeholders to serve residents by hosting workshops to:
  1. improve educational attainment
  2. after school tutoring, mentoring and engagement for children and young adults
  3. engage adults in better parenting workshops
Job Summit
On the job creation and economic growth front, HASC seeks to convene a job summit to conduct a needs-assessment by bringing together civil society, community and faith based organizations, Dharmic religious and business leaders, leaders from key industries and local officials to discuss:
  1. how local business can grow and hire local residents
  2. identify skills related gaps and challenges
  3. other institutional, legal and procedural challenges within the City of Passaic with the aim of job creation and economic growth. The summit will assist in identifying and planning job training program for the residents of City of Passaic.
HASC working methodology aims to connect high school students and students in two and four year institutions with academic, medical, education and business professionals to offer experiential learning and mentorship opportunities through public service. While high school students will be recruited through the Passaic Board of Education, recruitment at two and four year institutions will occur through cohesive and selected outreach and established partnerships with the academic, business, medical, financial, and civil society partners.
The intended outcomes through the public service projects in the City of Passaic include:
  1. improving health outcomes for adults and children
  2. improving attitudes and behavior through mentorship and motivation to advance educational attainment
  3. develop job creation strategies and training programs.
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