Key Recommendations

Key Findings and Recommendations


The assessment of seva activities conducted during the summer resulted in the following observations, which lead into our recommendations.

Many of these findings and recommendations were discussed with the Taskforce. The segment on America’s Cultural and Religious Diversity in the Interfaith collaboration chapter of the Council report specifies ways in which the America could be strengthened (1) domestically, (2) internationally; (3) enhanced social cohesion though bridges of understanding.

Summary of Findings


  1. Seva is inherent to and integral to the Hindu/Dharmic traditions.


  1. Many Hindu Americans have professional skills and resources that could be leveraged with government support.


  1. Many in the Hindu/Dharmic American community have begun to engage with their neighbors and are learning how to describe their identities and experiences.


  1. Many Hindu Americans lack understanding of citizen agency, rights and civic engagement and the American public process (grants, capacity development) and are not yet fully engaged and actively participating within local community governance structures to address social service issues


  1. The “model minority” myth is not supported by reality borne out by statistics.


  1. Social Service needs of the Hindu American community:


Economic crisis impact

Children and youth


Refugee resettlement




Immigration and civil rights

Elderly/senior needs


Fatherhood and healthy families

Religious bias or hate crimes


  1. Most Hindu Americans understand a diverse, multicultural, pluralistic society.  This shared understanding with America can be leveraged for mutual benefit.


  1. From the perspective of the practicing Hindus Americans, textbook and academic portrayal of Hinduism is often mischaracterized and biased.


  1. Hindus, worldwide, are greatly concerned about the impact of the proselytizing of faith based global development aid groups on the global and local religious ecosystems.


  1. Gap exists in global development collaboration and knowledge sharing between many Hindu American organizations, USAID and other government agencies.