Refugees - SharnagatiSeva

HASC is assisting the communities resettle. Bhutanese refugees, Hindus ousted from Bhutan (originally from Nepal), have recently arrived in various cities in USA. These refugees do not speak English, have cultural disadvantages, and end up living in inner cities becoming dependent on public hand outs.  As the refugees have more affinity to the Hindu/Indian culture, HASC considers it a moral obligation to help them resettle in their new environs, learn English, gain employable skills and get jobs so they can become self sufficient and self empowered. With resources, this effort will be extended to impoverished communities of all faiths in the vicinity.
Refugee Re-Settlement Program (SharnagatiSeva):

Expanding the interfaith Service in Minneapolis, HASC is collaborating with the Salvation Army and “The Lord’s Diner.” to adopt a family for the holidays.  Additional efforts are underway to provide warm clothes and shoes for a homeless shelter in Minnesota.   Furthermore, HASC held meetings with organizations like Lutheran Social Services and Department of Human Services to establish contacts with community based organizations and also with other refugee communities outside of Minneapolis and North Dakota to provide services to refugees, youth and students as well as seniors. Based on the consensus building efforts, it was agreed that the community should provide assistance in two main areas:  (1) assisting students with ESL training and after-school mentoring and tutoring and (2) assisting senior citizens for civic citizenship and ESL courses.

HASC is developing a partnership with International Institute of New Jersey.  HASC organized a workshop providing yoga and meditation, healthy eating emphasizing vegetarian diet, more fruits and vegetables and practicing a healthy lifestyle through exercise, which include:  running, swimming, yoga and Pilates and biking. HASC is working to provide additional yoga workshops at the Hanuman Temple in Jersey City, NJ.

As a partner of HHS (Health and Human Service), HASC promoted awareness of National Influenza Vaccine. Dr. Anand Parekh, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health (Science & Medicine)
gave a talk to the Bhutanese refugees and other temple attendees on December 18th, at Sri Siva Vishnu Temple in Maryland.