Serving Military Families and our Veterans 
HASC is committed to serving military families and energizing National support for DoD and Veteran issues. HASC has assisted with the development of DoD's first Dharmic Chaplaincy program, to include input on the first Dharmic uniform badges and collecting surveys from military members on the need for Chaplaincy programs. We have also hosted military members and their families at our annual conference, and highlighted the need to provide support for veterans. In Oct 2010, HASC board members held Veteran's day remembrance events at Hindu Temples in Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Minnesota, and the District of Columbia. In 2011, HASC looks forward to:
Engaging community members to understand the role our Veterans play in national security
Assisting Veterans to transition into civilian life by offering support programs related to health and job readiness and training
Raising awareness for and supporting military families, particularly those who have a members deployed in support of combat operations


Working with the Military to:
  • Prepare care packages for active military personnel
  • Organizing students to serve
HASC is working with the Military families and with Captain Pratima Dharm to support their needs at the base and is advocating development of more "Seva Centers" in temples for this effort. HASC's goal is to empower the community and address concerns at the local and national levels. As a member of the Odyssey Network, a media organization delivering videos of interfaith news beyond the headlines and inspirational stories of faith in action, HASC is working to accomplish this goal. Here is the voice of the First Hindu Chaplain in the US Army.