Economic Growth
Since 2008, America has gone through difficult economic times and tough choices were made as part of the ongoing budget discussions between President Obama and the members of the United States Congress. Each of these tough choices will be met, from certain segments of the population, with frustration, disappointment and anger. And social service initiatives will not be immune to these difficult decisions.
President Obama emphasized the continued priority needs to be on investing in innovative, effective and efficient programs that address many of the country’s greatest community challenges. However, as both the President and members of Congress look for savings within the budget, Hindu American Seva Charities, along with many other faiths believes, the impact of future reductions to the most vulnerable should be minimized.
With great challenges comes the opportunity for reinvention. Like other faiths in service, such as Catholic Charities, members of Interreligious Working Group on Domestic Human Needs, HASC also believes that now is the time to work together to create a new national approach to service delivery models that is market driven, results oriented and locally controlled. This approach will enable the country to make a permanent difference to all those who are living in poverty and have been trapped, for years, in the same safety net that was intended to save them originally.
With the refugee community and in it seva centers,  HASC is serving to promote economic growth by:
Job Creation: Identifying and planning job training program at the local level within the refugees, low-income and Diaspora communities
Assist with recruitment with local agencies related to job development
Career Development:
Assisting with and leading career development workshops to review resume and cover letters, job searches, and job applications
Assist and lead job interviewing skills seminar