Programs and Events

March 2010 - Inaugural Summit

June 2010

USAID-Indian Diaspora Engagement:  On June 3, 2010, USAID, in partnership with Hindu American Seva Charities, hosted a historic workshop for the diverse Indian-American community.  It was part of implementing the recommendations presented to President Obama on March 9th, by the Advisory Council on Faith Based and Neighborhood partnerships. The enhanced focus on Diaspora engagement also coincided with the U.S. - India Strategic dialogues.  The workshop provided an overview of USAID in India, focusing on Health, Food Security and Energy and Environment.  It also discussed ways to work with USAID by registering PVO’s (private volunteer organizations) and developing partners. Care, an active NGO in India, shared how they partner with other NGOs.  About 30 – 40 HASC partners representing secular and faith based organizations attended this workshop.

August 2010

Yogathon 2010-United We Serve, Let’s Read, Let’s Move campaign:  HASC lead the effort to organize a nation-wide YOGATHON campaign on Sunday, August 29th, 2010 with national partners, as part of President Obama’s “Active Lifestyle Challenge.”  The yoga workshop included explanation and practice of the yoga philosophy through both lecture and practice.  The yoga workshops were coordinated through Patanjali Yoga Peeth and Art of Living Foundation.  Nationally, more than 150 temples, ashrams and centers participated in providing yoga service within their communities.

APARRI conference: Asian Pacific American Religious Researchers Initiative:  “Faith Matters: Religious Practitioners and/in Asian American Studies: A Roundtable”

September 2010 and beyond (ongoing)

YogaSeva:  HASC is working with public and private institutions, including college campuses and cities to provide YogaSeva in temples to meet President Obama’s Active Lifestyle challenge on an ongoing basis.  It aims to develop peaceful minds, promote healthy lifestyle and healthy communities, while bridging cultures.

Health awareness

Ahimsa SarvadharmaSeva - 9/11 Days of Service and Remembrance: First and only Hindu American organization to be the national partner of 9/11/ Promoting a message of non-violence and peace of the Vedic Statement -Ahimsa Paramo Dharmah –Non-violence is the foremost duty to the extent that it supersedes all other duties.   Mahatma Gandhi emphasized this value repeatedly during India's struggle for independence.

International Development
: Supported Unicef's Pakistan Flood Relief fundraiser.

October 2010

ShaktiSeva (navaratri), 

Asian Indian Women in America

Vidyalaya SarvadharmaSeva:  Advance Interfaith Dialogue and Community Service across colleges and universities:  Engage students at colleges and campuses across America to advance interfaith and provide community service in economically deprived and refugee communities. Working with the White House to implement recommendations made to the President.

November 2010

DhanaSeva (diwali)

December 2010

SarvaDharmaSeva (interfaith)