Seva Centers

HASC is working to develop seva centers to address needs of our community and community at large.  More...

Education More...

HASC strongly believes in the value of training communities in health education
2.  Nutrition (Myplate is MyThali). More..
3. Bullying
4. Mental Health
5. Yoga and PALA Challenge. Read More..

Women's Empowerment, Fatherhood and Healthy Families

Womens empowerment
HASC believes firmly in supporting the positive role  women and men play in building healthy families and communities.
1. Women's Empowerment  More...
2. Income Parity

Securing Dharmic Places of Worship

HASC is working with Department of Homeland Security to strengthen our Dharmic Places of Worship.  More....

Energy and Environment

Energy and Environment
HASC is advancing the Green Temple Initiative in the United States - EcoDharma and EcoSeva Project.  More...

Military and Veterans

     Veterans of America
HASC is committed to serving military families and energizing National support for DoD and Veteran issues. More ...

Economic Development

Economic Growth
With respect to Economic Development HASC is focusing on Livelihood creation such as through Micro-enterprise, Job creation/ SBA/ incubation and Financial literacy. More...

Civic Engagement

Seva Votes

Days of Service

 HASC is a stratigic partner in the 9/11 days of service
President's Interfaith Campus Challenge
Utsav Seva


Refugee Resettlement
         Refugee Resettlement Program
HASC aims to assist the Bhutanese refugees and other refugee communities resettle in the United States. Bhutanese refugees have arrived in the United States. More...

Ahimsa, Humaneness and Animal Protection partnership

The Humane Society of the United States