Development and Social Justice
With partnership and initial support from Center for National and Community Service, HASC is building its capacity by developing health, education and economic growth models to assist in engaging communities to impact development in the United States and abroad, through local and global engagement. It is also creating a Social Justice voice. Click here for our programs...
  Capacity Building to serve 

HASC is working to develop a model integrating public, private, education partnerships to develop capacity to serve through  Dharma Seva Centers (service conduits) on campus, temples and other locations. 

  Community Development to address Needs and Social Justice Issues 

On college campus, temples, yoga studios and standalone in cities, towns and rural areas, HASC has devised innovative programs to advance seva center development, health and education outcomes in low-income areas, sought to promote economic growth, interfaith dialogue and service and address myriad social justice issues.

 Global Development
HASC is creating a voice and awareness of the need to and ways to engage the Indian American, Hindu/Dharmic American community in global engagement through service.  As New Americans we are working and learning how to engage and develop capacity to augment U.S. global diplomacy in action.  HASC is working to develop multifaith coalitions to bring peace and services.
With respect to multireligious cooperation and religion, the Council noted that “Religious communities should be engaged to help achieve solutions for peace, security, human development, and respect for fundamental human rights that undergird these solutions. Multireligious cooperation is a useful method of engagement, because it builds public cooperation and focuses on the common good.”

HASC is a Certifying PVSA

President’s Volunteer Service Award