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HASC launches Project Light A Home


Nepal Earthquake: A Call for Action
HASC launches Affordable Care Enrollment in Partnership with White House office of Faith Based & Neighborhood Partnership

HASC hosts Fourth Annual Seva Conference at the White House - Summary of Proceedings

HASC Guides Vandalized Hindu Temple in Monroe Georgia to Strengthen Security and Emergency Plans

HASC congratulates Rabbi David Saperstein on his appointment - Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, Department of State

HASC lauds the White House on Unveiling Dire Warning - Climate Change Is Here, Action Needed Now -EcoDharmic Justice

 -Announcement - HASC congratulates Shekar Narasimhan and Ravi Chaudhary on their appointment and invites you to the swearing in and White House AAPI Opening Ceremony

Announcement – SAVE THE DATE - 2014 Fourth National Seva Conference at the White House – “Dharmic Dialogue: Seva and Social Justice” Conference to be held 1st Week of October, 2014

HASC Petition: Help Make Diwali a NYC Public School Holiday

White House event with Faith Leaders on Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change - HASC presents Dharmic Hindu and Jain perspective

New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness Issue Advisory Bulletin and Initiate Outreach Program - IRSand FTC Warn of Pervasive Telephone Scam 

HASC Supports Call for Equal Pay and Minimum Wage, UrgesAction on Immigration


Application open for National Seva Conference co-hosted with the White House on September 27,2013

HASC commends White House for Developing the First Emergency Operation Preparedness Guide including armed shooter confrontation for Houses of Worship

Announcement:Save the Date: June 20th - 21st 2013 - White House andHindu American Seva Communities cohost 2013 National Seva Conference - Dharmic Seva: Transforming Our Self, OurCommunity, Our Country

Capitol Hill Forum: Engaging Diverse Voices of Faith for the Common Good

HASC launches “Hindus United AgainstDomestic Violence & Sexual Abuse” Poster Campaign A national grass-roots leveleducational campaign to increase awareness of social justice

HASC Celebrates Passage of the Violence Against Women Act: Congratulates co-sponsors’of the VAWA bill Dr. Ami Berra and Tulsi Gabbard, our Sevavotesambassador 

HASC PARTNERS WITH DHS ON “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING,SAY SOMETHING ™” Partnership marks first time DHS extends public awareness campaign to Dharmic faith-based community

HASC Recognizes Dharmic Community Inclusion at the Inauguration Prayer Service

HASC celebrates SwamiVivekananda’s birthday through Interfaith Seva - Launch Interfaith Annadaanam Program and Appoint Hemant Wadhwani, NJ/NY Seva Project Director

Hindu American Seva Communities Promotes Eco-Dharma through Bhumi Seva- A public, private, education partnership

 HASC Expresses Condolences on Tragic Death in NYC subway

HASC Changes name to Hindu American Seva Communities

HASC applauds DOJ efforts to track anti-Hinduhate crimes and urges FBI to implement it (updated)

HASC partners with NJ Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness to present Security Awareness and Vigilance for Everyone (S.A.V.E.)

ShaktiSeva: October is Service to Women:Hindu tradition and American expression lead to innovative community service

Dharmic Americans support Senate Hate Crimes Hearings on Oak CreekTragedy

HASC response to Capitol Hill Hearing September 20, 2012: Combating Hate Crimes and the Threat of Domestic Extremism

Dharmic* Americans welcome First Lady’s visit to families of Wisconsin Gurudwara shooting on August 23, 2012: HASC lauds the First Lady’s support to the Sikh community

White House co-hosts 2012 National SevaConference: HASC Launches innovative programs: Next Generation Seva Leaders, My Thali andYogaPala Plus

Hindu and Dharmic AmericansCondemn the Shooting at Sikh Gurudwara: Dharmic American houses of worship and community urged to build self-protection capacity

White House recognizes Hindu American Seva Charities at the Social Innovators Conference

2012 National SevaConference: Dharmic American Future: Seva, Innovation, and Tradition

White House and Hindu American Seva Charities cohost 2012 National Seva Conference:Dharmic American Future: Seva,Innovation, and Tradition

HASC Secures Tuition Scholarships for GreenFaith Fellowship Program

Buddhists, Hindus, Jains and Sikhs Combine at The White House - Uniting for Community Building and Social Justice

Hindu American Seva Charities joins renewed call to Congress to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act of 1994

ShantiSeva in January: Strengthening Communities while Advancing Peace and Harmony

HASC Condemns the New Year Attack on Hindu and Muslim places of worship in Queens, NY

HASC official Partner of President's YogaPala Challenge
Fund Raiser for HASC's second annual  Conference
Securing our Communities - Homeland Security Conference for South Asian Community, Conference on June 25, 2011, NJ
May 17, 2011 Youth and Family Development Day: Building Better Future through Education - VidyaSeva in May
May 2, 2011 Support families in the Southern States and heal the Interfaith gap
March 31, 2011 HASC ANNOUNCES SEVA CONFERENCE AND ESSAY COMPETITION "Energizing Dharmic* Seva (Service): Impacting Change in America and Abroad"
February 17, 2011 Hindu American Reflection on the Federal Budget
February 6, 2011 Launching “State of Dharmic Seva” research initiative with - Security Concerns of Dharmic Places of Worship in America
January 20, 2011 Intersection of Faith and Interfaith in Alabama: Hindu Americans urge peaceful community building through interfaith collaboration
January 14, 2011 ShantiSeva in January: Advancing Peace and Harmony
December 24, 2010 UtsavSeva Calendar 2011: Expanding Community Service All Year Round - An innovative faith based cultural program augmenting President’s national service initiatives
December 14, 2010 SarvaDharmaSeva: Advancing Youth focused Interfaith Dialogues and Service
December 1, 2010 Religion, Peace and Development: Afghanistan and Pakistan
November 1, 2010 DhanSeva: November Illumines Diwali through Service: Hindu tradition and American expression lead to innovative resource empowerment
October 14, 2010 ShaktiSeva: October is Service to Women- Hindu tradition and American expression lead to innovative community service
October 2, 2010 Prayers and Service filled Gandhi Jayanti - International Day of Non-Violence
September 28, 2010 HASC launches UtsavSeva/FestivalSeva - Invoking Spiritual Values of Festivals through Community Service
September 23, 2010 White House Interfaith Leadership Initiative of IFYC
September 11, 2010 The historical 9/11 launched peaceful movements - - Non-violence Message of Hindu American Community
September 7, 2010 Eastern Faiths Lead Prayers of Peace for 9-11
August 4, 2010 Free Yoga Across America - Groundbreaking Civic Engagement with Hindu Americans
August 3, 2010 HASC Partners with AmeriCorps VISTA to Strengthen Seva (Community Service) Capacity - Announcing historic appointment of AmeriCorps Members to a Hindu organization
July 23, 2010 Hindu American Community Expanding Civic Engagement- Free Yoga Classes Across America in Temples and Ashrams-
April 4, 2010 Hindu American Seva Charities Holds Inaugural Conference Focused on Community Building with Seva
January 27, 2010 White House Official Recognizes Hindu and Dharmic* American’s Seva in a Dialogue with Community Leaders
July 21, 2009 Hindu Americans Nationwide Gear Up for United We Serve
April 30, 2009 Hindu Community’s Report on Barack Obama’s First 100 Days in Office