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Fighting Flu in Every Community: Health and Human Services (HHS) expanding its outreach to the Hindu American community

November 14, 2010

Inaugural Lecture at BAPS Swaminarayan Research Institute
Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi
Social Services in Dharmic Dimensions
October 8, 2010

The Season of Diwali or pdf - The message of Seva - UtsavSeva (FestivalSeva) - India Abroad

Message of Peace

September 11, 2010

Hinduism Today

Arsh Vidya Gurukulum

 OKC hindus remember 9/11 - Hindu Temple in Oklahoma City - video

Rev. Dada on the American Hindu Community’s Contribution to America

Yogathon Coverage
August 29 - 31, 2010

Yoga finds past purpose - Minnesota Temple

Healthy Living through Yoga -

Arya Samaj and Patanjali Yogpeeth participates in nationwide Yogathon

Yogathon: stretching bodies, stretching minds across America

Faith in Public Life

Yogathon in Bothwell - Seattle Times

Lifestyle Challenge prompts students to take part in Yogathon, The Sunflower, Wichita, Kansas

Five (thousand) years later: Yoga, Hinduism and Healing from Hurricane Katrina by Saum Arya Haas

Yogathon: stretching bodies, stretching minds across America By Dipka Bhambha

Hindu American Seva Charities Kicks Off "Yogathon" in Livingston

Hindu American Community Expanding Civic Engagement (United States)

Hindu Temple of Atlanta

India Abroad - Washington Speaking

India Abroad Announcement 
 Washington Speaking,page 2 India Abroad, August 23, 2010


July 27, 2010 Livingston Patch
 2010 National Conference on Volunteering and Service
Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation: A New Faith-based Approach to Civic Engagement: Leaders of an unlikely team drawn from diverse groups across civil society explore a new approach to faith-based work focusing on interfaith action and service in the public square using social entrepreneurship and innovation as guiding principles.
At over 2.2 million, Hindus in America now form the fifth largest religious group, after Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism. However Hindus are often mischaracterized in textbooks and academia and are not well understood by the majority. And as New Americans, we do not yet know how to fully engage with the government to address our needs and to harness our talents to serve America.
A historic first: A Hindu woman leads NJ State Assembly invocation prayer 
May 17, 2010
Presented HASC report to Dalai Lama, Swami Chidananda and many Dharmic spiritual leaders at Hindu Encyclopaedia preview
April 7, 2010 
Desi  Abroad - Seva Talks
January 21, 2010
January 14, 2010