Energizing Dharmic Seva: Impacting Change in America and Abroad
Hindu American Seva Charities (HASC) organized a two-day summit from July 30th-31st in Washington, DC to impact change across America and globally.  View Agenda

ENERGIZING DHARMIC SEVA : IMPACTING CHANGE IN AMERICA AND ABROAD - HASC Hosts Historic Event at White House and Georgetown University (July 29th - 31st, 2011)

Dharmic Seva Intro @ the White House

Message of Paul Monteiro to Hindu Americans
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Lalit Jha: Obama applauds Hindu American group for its Community Service

US President Barack Obama has applauded a Hindu American group for advancing public service, interfaith collaboration and pluralism, as the organisation made its White House debut by holding a community briefing there. Read more...

Anju Bhargava: The Consequences of Shattering a Faith Glass Ceiling

The economic situation in the country is affecting us all; and those affected the most are hit hardest. "Around 14 million people in the U.S. are jobless today. As a Hindu American when I read this, the question that comes to my mind is: So what is the Hindu American community doing about it? Read more...

In Service of Our Country : Harvard Kennedy School

The Hindu American community has made strides in addressing various religious and cultural needs through temples, regional associations, and on college and university campuses. Now as we, the “New Americans,” mature and weave our traditions and culture in the pluralistic tapestry of America, Read more...

Joshua Stanton: Hindu Community Makes Its White House Debut

The Hindu community in America is joining other religious communities on the national stage, not only as an equal participant, but a veritable host to them. Read more...

An Interfaith Educational Experience :St. Benedict's Prep School interdisciplinarynProject on display in Washington D.C. 

The Asia Project, which took place over the Fall and Spring semesters, made its way to Washington, D.C. during the last weekend of July when nine students, four faculty and one administrator from St. Benedict's participated in the Conference of the Hindu American Seva Charities (HASC). Read more..

Philip Goldberg: Hindu Americans Come of Age 
While in many ways the advent of Hindu Americans recapitulates the familiar immigrant story, it is also uniquely significant. Read more..
Aug 4, 2011 Hindu White House Conference a Springboard to Action  by Ramaa Reddy Raghavan,

Given that budget cuts have reduced many social service programs, the conference highlighted the needs of pluralistic communities to step in and offer their services as a way to help the middle class and poor in America.

Aug 4, 2011:  Do Faith-based Groups Have a Place in 21st Century America? by Jasmeet Sadhu
Hearing these ideas on the same weekend the debt crisis was being fought, it seemed more pertinent than ever to me that religious groups become more empowered to step into the public space where the government can no longer.

Hindu American Seva Charities Spurs New Generation Of Hindu Volunteers by Jaweed Khaleem

PASSAIC, N.J. -- In a cluttered fifth grade classroom in this New York suburb, Niki Shah has spent the summer attempting an almost impossible task: teaching yoga to seven-year-olds. Each day at an annual free summer camp the city sponsors for children of mostly low-income families. Read more...

ISKCON Devotees Take Part in White House Event, Launch Initiative  

Washington DC -- The Hindu-American community marked a milestone on Friday, July 29, when the White House hosted a historic conference designed to explore ...Read more...

 Article by Eric Christopher Shafer in

Here are my reflections on last weekend's HASC event at the White House. Read more...

 Bhumi Green Temple initiative receives White House launch | The Bhumi Project

WASHINGTON DC. The Hindu Bhumi Project’s Green Temple campaign was launched this past weekend at the White House, Washington DC.

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Dharmic Seva impacts change


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