Bringing Dharma to Forefront

Huffingtonpost: Bringing Dharma, Seva, Shakti and Yoga to the Political Forefront in America

As I watched the vice presidential debate last week I saw how comfortable we, as a nation, are about religion as part of the political and personal life. Both candidates discussed the impact of their faith in their life. How it shapes their policies. It was clear their faith identities....... My heritage is of modern, post-independent India, which has taught its people, particularly the Hindus, to be secular, especially in the public and political arena. "Keep religion out of politics" is the common mantra.

Odyssey Network interview: Bringing the Hindu Faith to the Forefront
Odyssey Networks interview in Charlotte, N.C. during the Democratic National Convention.

Press Release: ShaktiSeva -October is Service to Women:
Hindu tradition and American expression lead to innovative community service

Video: Historic participation of Dharma communities at DNC morning prayer
Am I my brother and sister's keeper? - a dharmic perspective
- Buddhist Prayer
- Hindu participation in panel

White House Dharmic Seva Conference - video  
Why White House is reaching out to the Dharmic community?
- Joshua DuBois, White House Office of Faith Based & Neighborhood Partnerships
- Senator Harris Wofford
- Anju Bhargava
- Asim Mishra, Chief of Staff, Corporation for National and Community Service
- Paul Monteiro, Associate Director, White House Office of Public Engagement

HASC's NewsLetter: April 2012 
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What if we all, those of eastern tradition and those inspired by it -- like the YogaVotes and SevaVotes community -- infused politics with the values, the dharma values that matter to all of us, help bring the practices of inclusivity, pluralism, valuing the divinity within all beings, compassionate action, non-violence, collaboration and unity to our country's highly partisan politics?

Washingtonpost: Bringing Dharma, Seva, Shakti and Yoga at the Political forefront