Our Mission
Hindu American Seva Communities (HASC) is a progressive American organization advancing seva (community social responsibility), pluralistic interfaith collaboration and social justice to make sustainable civic engagement a defining part of Hindu American life and culture.  HASC is working to ignite grassroots social change and build healthy communities and coalitions while strengthening Dharmic places of worship.  Through education and policy changes it seeks to bridge the gap between US government and Hindu and Dharmic people and places of worship.

HASC is working to unite faith and secular communities in social equity projects and to strengthen the diaspora immigrant civic engagement of the New Americans, for the common good. Through these efforts HASC is pushing out boundaries for social justice and interfaith collaboration.  We support  dialogue, cooperation and pluralism with our unique, innovative, inculture faith based approach to development, UtsavSeva.   More..

Seva is an integral part of Hindu* and Dharmic (eastern traditions) traditions and sadhana (practice) and is transforming. To achieve its mission, with an inside out approach, HASC seeks to:

Mobilize communities through service and community building at local and national levels to affect development

Bridge the gap between US government and Hindu and Dharmic people and places of worship and secular organization
(*Hindu "religion", originally known as Sanatan Dharma (Universal Order), is based on the Vedas and it integrates science and spirituality. It is an innately inclusive, spiritual yogic path. The Vedic Truth is brought to life through the stories and the festivals, the myriad, diverse outward expressions of the Hindu practices).

HASC is a national, non-partisan, non-religious not-for-profit organization formed in 2009 in response to President Obama's Call to Serve with the support of the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and is a service partner with the Corporation for National and Community Service.

HASC an idea under development:  "When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds.Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you will find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world."  Patanjali