HASC Young Scholars Program

As part of meeting President Obama’s goal to advance interfaith dialogue and community service on college campuses, HASC Young Scholars Program is designed to engage undergraduate and graduate students to promote interfaith dialogue and serve in community and refugee service projects. The program provides scholars an opportunity to help grow academically and professionally as well as build capacity for the non-profit organization, in accordance with university-based guidelines and program-based requirements.
The scholars are responsible for and engage in activities targeted to advance health and education outcomes in the refugee and low-income communities across the United States. Currently, our Young Scholars are engaged in serving the refugees, from Latin America to Middle East to South Asia, through the Interfaith Global Dialogue Project and the Bhutanese Service and Research Project.
Scholars are engaged in designing and planning programs to developing monitoring and evaluation protocols to track service activities, in addition to, conducting research on health issues and practices, socio-economic, political and humanitarian issues and developing best practices related to service learning. A key component of the program includes conducting outreach to civil society groups, business and faith, government and press communities on the local level to maximize impact.
HASC Young Scholars Program Staff

Sai Santosh Kolluru, Research Assistant, Bhutanese Service and Research Project (BSRP)
Sai Santosh Kolluru is currently a third year student at Case Western Reserve University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Pre-Law. Sai was instrumental in developing education, job employment, ESL and computer literacy, and women empowerment programs for the Bhutanese population in Ohio. He subsequently founded Hindu YUVA, Youth for Unity, Virtues, and Action, a NGO focused on cultural and philanthropic activites with the concept of Seva, He is currently serving as a Research Assistant for the Bhutanese Service and Research Project for the Hindu American Seva Charities and is responsible for coordinating service programs both in Ohio and the national level.
Arjun Bhargava, Research Scholar, University of Pennsylvania
 Arjun Bhargava is studying Environmental Policy and Cooperation in the Master of Environmental Studies Program at the University of Pennsylvania. He was actively involved with the Graduate Advisory Board for the Program. Arjun received a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with a minor in Business Administration in 2007. He was employed at the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania where he researched the role of Nectin proteins in Herpes Simplex Virus entry and cellular adhesion. He is transitioning from Biology to Environmental Studies to merge his interest in the sciences with social science. Arjun volunteers as an editor with Hindu American Seva Charities, a progressive American organization, and also at Philadelphia Global Water Initiative. He is a lead reviewer for a journal on global women and water issues.